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Shipowners, bareboat charterers, and other operators sometimes abandon vessels for a variety of reasons.  Usually the vessels are abandoned in harbor, but occasionally a vessel operator will abandon a vessel outside of a port when it has gone aground, become stranded, or has suffered a major mechanical breakdown.

Time Critical Situations

In such situations, the vessel’s owner or other interest-holder must take some affirmative action to regain possession of the vessel and remove her from danger.  With every passing day, an abandoned vessel further deteriorates, loses value, and increases liability exposure.  In most cases, the operator will desire to return the vessel to normal operations as soon as possible.

The VessEx Recovery Option

Using the same teams of crewmembers who repossess vessels or release them from improper seizure, VessEx has the requisite expertise and experience to place a crew onboard a ship anywhere in the world, usually within 72 hours, and deliver her to a safe port.  VessEx recovery efforts are lead by Captain Max Hardberger, whose experience as salvage-master gives him the ability to plan a successful freeing strategy if the subject vessel is aground or damaged.  His experience in supervising engine-room repairs also allows him to coordinate emergency repair operations to return a disabled vessel to navigable status.  Most importantly, his legal and overall marine expertise allows him to provide the owner or interest-holder with a realistic appraisal of the costs and risks of reclaiming an abandoned vessel and the value of the vessel both before and after recovery—all essential elements in the decision as to how and whether to go forward with such a project.

Proven Ship Recovery Experience

Click here to view an excerpt from Seized by VessEx Operations Director Capt. Max Hardberger for an account of his efforts to recover a ship in Haiti.

Capt. Hardberger boarding a vessel

Book cover of Seized

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