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As with ships, most aircraft can be relocated to any place in the world at relatively short notice, making them susceptible to unlawful expropriation, including theft, barratry, and withholding from mortgage repossession.  Business and other sophisticated aircraft often possess sufficient range, navigation equipment and communication capabilities for sustained overwater flight—meaning that they can be delivered to a secluded hangar in a remote country with a minimum of expense and preparation.

Locating Aircraft

VessEx's aircraft recovery services are two-fold:  location and recovery.  For clients searching for their aircraft, the VessEx team brings highly skilled investigative techniques and worldwide local knowledge to the task of tracking an aircraft from its Last Known Point.

Extracting Aircraft

Once the aircraft is located, a plan of extraction is developed that includes a number of contingency-based options.  A VessEx extraction team can be placed on location allowing the required surveillance and planning to be performed locally.  VessEx usually seeks to enlist the aid of local insiders, often a necessary component of a successful aircraft extraction.  After proper preparation, including necessary arrangements with authorities and other locals, the confirmation or delivery of adequate fuel, performance of any required repairs, and the selection of  proper weather and airport conditions, the team will board the aircraft and deliver it to the desired location.

Experience You Can Count On

All of VessEx's tracking, surveillance and extraction activities are led by a VessEx team leader with over forty years of aviation experience.  In addition, all pilots, co-pilots, and other required crewmembers used by VessEx for aircraft delivery are fully rated and current in type.  In most cases, VessEx pilots possess 10-15 years of airline experience and are personally known to VessEx management.

Jet repossessed by VessEx in 2009

Flying an Aero Commander

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