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About — Managing Director Michael Bono

Michael Bono serves as the Managing Director of VessEx.  In this capacity, his primary responsibilities include logistical and administrative support for extraction operations, client reporting and communications, and protection of client interests through contractual and insurance arrangements.

As a maritime lawyer with a broad range of experience, Mr. Bono is uniquely suited to handle these matters on behalf of VessEx clients.  Of particular interest to clients is his experience with ship mortgage foreclosures, vessel arrests, marine insurance, maritime contracts, and marine casualty investigations.

Ship Mortgage Foreclosures ... Of foremost relevance to extraction operations is Mr. Bono's experience in handling ship mortgage foreclosures on behalf of major maritime financiers.  His actions in this area include tracking and locating subject vessels, arresting ships in foreclosure actions, making logistical arrangements for the maintenance of repossessed vessels and crewmembers, negotiating settlement of, or security for, outstanding wage claims and other necessaries liens, and arranging for the judicial sale of such vessels.

Vessel Arrests ... Mr. Bono has also arrested a number of vessels or secured their release from arrest.  Of interest to our clients is his knowledge on the limits of this remedy—knowledge gained from successfully defending wrongful seizure claims and publishing a law review article on maritime wrongful seizure actions.

Marine Insurance ... Insurance is another subject of particular importance to our clients on which Mr. Bono has expertise.  In this area, he has analyzed insurance policies and drafted opinions on P&I, Hull & Machinery, CGL, worker’s compensation and pollution coverage matters.  He has also handled insurance coverage litigation cases on behalf of various Underwriters at Lloyd’s, members of the Institute of London Underwriters, and major U.S. carriers.  He has also worked with clients and their insurance brokers to ensure proper coverage in maritime ventures.

Maritime Contracts ... Because extraction operations often require the services and supplies of others, Mr. Bono’s experience in contractual matters is of particular usefulness to VessEx clients.  In this area, he has structured, drafted and negotiated a wide variety of maritime contracts involving the operation and management of vessels and the carriage of goods, including charter parties, supply contracts, manning agreements, and a number of other contracts which are relevant to recovery operations.

Marine Casualty Investigations ... Another aspect of his experience which is relevant to our clients’ needs is in the area of casualty investigations.  In particular, Mr. Bono has conducted on site maritime casualty investigations and interfaced with governmental investigative bodies, including the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, the U.S. Coast Guard, the National Fire Protection Association and various local public safety departments.  Mr. Bono has also conducted on site collision and allision investigations and interfaced with U.S. Coast Guard investigators in such matters.

Mr. Bono has additional experience in cargo damage claims, maritime personal injury litigation, oil spill investigations and salvage operations.  He has also published articles and spoken on maritime subjects.

In addition to his experience in virtually every area of maritime law, Mr. Bono holds the degree of Masters of Law in Admiralty from Tulane University, which conducts what is widely regarded as the foremost advanced maritime law degree program in the world.

Michael Bono

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