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Employment — Application Procedure

If you are certain that you meet VessEx’s requirements, please forward your resume by email to or by fax to +1-504-617-6485.  If you are sending your resume by email, place the text of the resume in the body of the message.

What to Include in Your Resume

Your resume must include the following information:

  • Years at sea or in aviation as a licensed crewmember;
  • Names of ships served upon (for maritime crewmembers);
  • All relevant certificates, licenses, and ratings, including type ratings (for aircraft);
  • Countries of citizenship and residence; and
  • At least three references who can attest to your reliability, intelligence, and decision-making ability.  Remember that trustworthiness and reliability are absolute requirements for employment.  Your references should be able to comment on these qualities.

Include in your submission a brief statement on why you wish to become a VessEx teammember and how your training and experience qualifies you.

References and Background Investigations

Please note that all references will be contacted by telephone.  If we cannot contact a reference by telephone, do not include him or her as a reference.  Also note that that all applicants who otherwise meet VessEx criteria will be subjected to a thorough background investigation, including a search of criminal records.


If VessEx has further interest in an applicant after reviewing his submitted materials and conducting a background investigation, a personal interview will be arranged.  In some cases, an applicant may be invited to New Orleans for a personal interview at VessEx’s expense.  Otherwise the interview will be scheduled for a time and place most mutually convenient.

Training and Project Assignment

After a successful personal interview, and upon signing VessEx’s employment contract, the applicant will be placed on VessEx’s roster of teammembers.  At this time, VessEx will provide the teammember with instructional and procedural materials and will keep the teammember posted on upcoming extraction operations.  Each crewmember is free to accept or decline an individual assignment without prejudice to his standing on the roster, although teammembers who continually decline assignments may be dropped.

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