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Employment General Terms

The following are some of the terms that apply to employees of VessEx.


Although VessEx accepts teammembers without regard to race, gender, or national and ethnic background, each applicant must possess a passport that allows him to travel freely among countries.  Applicants who possess passports issued by countries such as Yemen, Syria, Israel, etc., and who cannot readily obtain visas to certain countries may not qualify for employment, although VessEx will consider this issue on a case-by-case basis.

Project Duration

While every effort is made to advise each teammember of the projected duration of an assignment, an operation may exceed the originally anticipated completion date.  Accordingly, each teammember must agree to remain with his team until the conclusion of the operation, unless he and VessEx agree in advance to any time limitation on his commitment.  

Payment Terms

VessEx teammembers are paid per-day, in whole days, portal-to-portal (from the time they leave their homes to the time they return home).  All expenses are paid by VessEx.  Teammembers are paid at the conclusion of each operation.

Pay Scales

Although pay scales vary by the type of operation and the teammember's position (master, chief officer, AB, etc.), they generally fall within one of three categories:  asset extractions with clearance, asset extractions without clearance and ship protection operations.  Extractions with clearance pay slightly higher than the industry standard for a delivery crewmember.  Extractions without clearance pay substantially higher than this standard, often providing a per-day rate which is two to three times higher than standard delivery-crew rates.  Pay for ship protection assignments are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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