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Whether you're a mortgagee, owner, charterer or insurer, VessEx can free your ships from difficult situations.  Our experienced team can recover your valuable assets from virtually any location in the world and return them to your rightful possession.  Our unique service can maximize your recovery while minimizing your risk.  Not only does VessEx offer complete asset recovery services—from strategy development to physical extraction—but our diverse methods are designed to avoid costly mistakes while maximizing client recoveries.  Every recovery operation is tailored for the unique needs of each client and feature:
  • Diverse Methods. Our recovery methods are diverse, ranging from negotiated resolution of PSC detention matters to the extraction of ships from problem areas.
  • Broad Capabilities. VessEx has the expertise and resources to recover almost any type of vessel—from large yachts to VLCCs and everything in between.
  • Flexible Options. VessEx uses an appropriate number and type of crew for each operation, ranging from a single superintendent to a full sailing crew.
  • Robust Ancillary Services. VessEx's ship extraction services are augmented by a wide array of investigative, technical and shipmanagement services, all of which serve to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of recovery operations.

Typical Ship Recovery Situations

Those who have the legal right to possess a ship—whether an owner or mortgagee—often cannot exercise that right due to circumstances beyond their control.  VessEx can restore a client's control over their ships in a wide variety of situations:

  • Ship Repossessions:  Ships that have been withheld from mortgagee repossession by defaulting owners. Learn more ...
  • Arrested Ship Recoveries:  Ships that have been wrongly seized in a corrupt port on baseless charges. Learn more ...
  • Detained Ship Recoveries:  Ships that have been detained by governmental authorities pending correction of deficiencies. Learn more ...
  • Abandoned Ship Recoveries:  Ships that have been abandoned by her owner, charterer or crew.  Learn more ...
  • Stolen Ship Recoveries:  Ships that have been stolen by thieves or held by a disobedient crew. Learn more ...

Featured Ship Recovery

During the height of the 2004 Haitian Rebellion, VessEx repossessed a ship in Haiti and delivered it to the Bahamas.  The operation was featured on The Learning Channel (TLC) in a show called Repo Men:  Stealing for a LivingClick here to view a brief clip from the episode or click here to view a Los Angeles Times feature article on the operation.

Proven Ship Recovery Experience

Click here to view an excerpt from Seized by VessEx Operations Director Capt. Max Hardberger for an account of his efforts to free a vessel from fraudulent seizure in Haiti.

VessEx repo in 2004 Haiti rebellion

Book cover of Seized

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