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With the worldwide implementation of Port State Control (PSC) enforcement schemes under IMO auspices, the threat of PSC detention has become one of the major concerns of shipowners.  Whether imposed by the United States Coast Guard or by the PSC authorities of other nations, a PSC detention can lead to serious delays in the vesselís schedule and even to the loss of the vessel.

Difficulties in Freeing Detained Vessels

The most important factor in obtaining a vesselís release from detention is the detaining authorityís attitude toward the vessel and her management.  If the PSC inspectors suspect that the owner is trying to obtain release with the least amount of effort, or is otherwise unequal to the challenges of shipmanagement, they will be reluctant to discuss compromises or novel approaches to remediation.

How VessEx Can Help

The VessEx team has extensive experience in PSC detention-item remediation.  This team is led by a ship technical manager, class surveyor, and maritime lawyer with many years of experience in coordinating with PSC authorities over the remediation of  vessel deficiencies and arranging for the release of detained vessels.  VessEx offers the kind of ship construction and condition expertise necessary to work with PSC inspectors to achieve proper and cost-effective remediation.  VessEx's vital experience in the use of alternative solutions to detention-item remediation, usually involving items with prohibitive or unrealistic requirements, has resulted in substantial cost-savings for ship owners.

Remediation Guide

For more information on the approach taken by VessEx to free detained ships, please review our practical guide to PSC detention avoidance and remediation, authored by Capt. Max Hardberger, the VessEx Operations Director.  VessEx is also available to discuss possible PSC detention solutions on a case-by-case basis with prospective clients. 

Proven Ship Recovery Experience

Click here to view an excerpt from Seized by VessEx Operations Director Capt. Max Hardberger for an account of his efforts to recover a ship in Haiti.

VessEx team boarding a ship

Book cover of Seized

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